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Piraten Warnung vom 5. Januar 2009, empfangen von Kapitän Ulrich Günther, MS PEKING SENATOR, im Indischen Ozean bound for Suez Kanal (Auszug)

FROM IMBPCI MA34199 5-JAN-2009 00:25:57 MSG262751 SENTOSA C LES 050001 utc jan 2009 sitrep msg: p003/2009
this broadcast warns ships in passage in east africa, the indian sub continent and south east asian waters regarding piracy and armed robbery.
warning warning warning
it appears that pirates are now attacking ships off the entire coast of somalia. in the northern somali coast, in the gulf of aden, off the eastern coast and recently off the southern coast including off neighbouring kenya and off tanzania.

gulf of aden (somalia)
1) 117 attacks including 43 hijackings have been reported by vessels transiting the gulf of aden/somalia since jan 2008.gulf of aden attacks mostly occurred in the vicinity around 12 / 14 degrees north and 046 / 053 degrees east. pirates are firing automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades in an attempt to board and hijack vessels. pirates are also attacking ships very far off the eastern and southern coast of somalia.
2) intelligence sources revealed that :-
i) there are now two suspicious trawlers in the gulf of aden believed to be pirate mother vessels looking are long white russian made stern trawlers with names uburum ocean or arena or athenaf. one of the trawlers is believed to be operating at apprgulf of aden.
latest sighting of the trawler burum ocean on 25.08.2008 at 0930
utc is at 14:11n-049:51e.
ii) a suspected mother vessel described as a blue coloured tug with 2 accompanying speed boats are also believed to be looking to attack and hijack passing ships. latest sighting of the suspected blue tug on 25.08.2008 at 0500 utc is at 11:59n-0503)security patrol area (mspa) in the gulf of aden.a force of coalition navy warships will patrol the area and aircraft will fly in the airspace above.
all vessels transiting the gulf of aden and off somali coast are advised to take additional precautionary measures and maintain strict 24hrs anti piracy watch using all available means including strict visual and radar watch. look out for small suspiand request for assistance. report all actual, attempted and suspicious incidents to the imb piracy reportrelevant authorities.

heavily armed pirates are attacking ships further away from the eastern and southern coast. ships not making scheduled calls at somali ports are advised to keep at least 250 nm from the somali coast. any ships sighting any suspicious boats /g off somto mombassa, kenya where ships would sail closer to coast to
arrive port.
off southern somalia / off kenya / off tanzania suspected somali pirates had attacked a ship 450 nm east of dar es salaam,tanzania / 350 nm west of seychelles islands. it appears that the somali pirates may be attacking vessels further away from soma all ships are strongly advised to maintain a strict 24 hours visual and radar watch, early assessment / detection will allow ships to take ev
imb calls for masters to increase reporting of suspect smother shipst to the prc.due to the unprecedented number of somali pirate incidents, the imb calls for all masters transiting the gulf of aden / eastern coast of somalia and kenya to report all sightings of suspected pirate mother ships to the prc. this vital intelligence wilbe used to identify and target the mother ships. this will enableship is a vessel loitering in the vicinity of the attack crafts.
masters have volunteered such details in the past. the prc would however like to receive more of such reports.
it is imperative that those in the front line, report sightings of all suspicious mother ships off the gulf of aden and somali coastline in order to gather the necessary intelligence required to counter this growing menace.

actual and attempted attacks

04.01.2009: 05:40 utc: posn: 13:3.0n c 048:42.5e, gulf of aden.
six pirates in one white coloured speed boat attempted to board
a bulk carrier underway. three of these pirates were armed with machine guns and opened fire on the vessel. master carried out evasimoved away on seeing the helicopter. no injuries to the crew and no damages to the ship.

01.01.2009: 0747 lt: posn: 13:55n - 047:58e, gulf of aden.
armed pirates attacked and hijacked a general cargo ship underway. 28 crewmembers taken hostage.

02.01.2008: 0807 utc: posn: 13:42n - 050:39e, gulf of aden.
pirates in three skiffs attacked a tanker underway. they fired
upon the tanker and attempted to board. master raised alarm, contacted coalition warships, increased speed and took evasive manoeuvaborted
the attempt.

remember: your information may save lives. all information will be treate
please disseminate a circular/note to all parties concerned and
if possible to pin it onto the public/main/general notice board.

thank you for your cooperation.

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